Saturday, January 9, 2010

Future of Nigeria music, musicians or artists? Part 1. (Rudiments of music)

Just like insects reproduce in millions, so are so called artist springing up like wild fire.
In a nation whereby 98% of so called artists have no knowledge of what music is all about. I realised that 98% of these artists do not know how to play at least 1 musical instrument. Most of them do not know how to enter a key when a music note is sounded lol. I was in a studio when an artist was recording his single, i cried in the inside when i heard this man's music.
Lets flashback to the great musicians whose music are aways relevant when played. Baba Fela for example was a true musician in the sense that he plays musical instruments and with a live band on stage, King Sunny Ade, Victor Uwaifo and the list continues....
Now lets talk about the instruments being played in the songs of these artist otherwise called beat. It is apparent that computer software has added to this ugly trend. I am a producer so i work with producers. Imagine a producer who does not know where key G is on the keyboard, or does not know how to hold the drum sticks, create beats. What happens to playing cords, making good baselines and combination of various musical instruments, what about live performance?
Someone said, people dabble into music because of the bad economy. But should we fold our hands and watch the bad economy spoil our music?
Watch out for part 2 of this post. Kindly post your comments.